Black and White

a new series 2019:

using white oil paint scraped with a knife over black acrylic primed canvas, and a dash of colour in each. 

In these I am symbolising that moment when the focus of our attention is on one thing, and all the rest fades away.

It is also an exercise in restraint, using the minimum amount of paint to achieve the desired tones, and letting the black do its work.

By scraping the paint thinly using the canvas texture, tones appear. 

As always, I don't pre-draw but cut around the shapes in my mind, so the painting grows organically.

The Singing Tree   61 x 153 cm

Adding a flash of colour brings the small King parrot into balance with the  much larger tree. A great sense of space and atmosphere.

Finalist Moreton Bay Region Art Awards 2019

Dawn Echoes     91 x 91 cm 

As the sky here is very patterned, the tree can be just silhouetted against the trailing tinted clouds.

Glory on High      91 x 91 cm

The additional splash of glorious gold seizes attention and eclipses even such a powerful cloud formation.

Finalist Rotary Art Spectacular 2019

Calm Before the Storm     51 x 51 cm

That moment when the storm pressure is building, and brightness lights up the hills for a fleeting moment

Finalist Lethbridge 20000  2019

Jewel Inlet          121 x 91 cm

Again a big sky but...that gorgeous glinting water

Yes, I am working my way through the spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, teal....

© 2018 by Anne-Louise Ciel

All intellectual rights are assumed and retained for my photos, poems and artwork, and may not be reproduced without my written permission.