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Take to the Hills
61 x 61 cm

Take to the Hills.jpg

Run to


76 x 101 cm

Finalist Rotary Art Prize


Bars That


Cage You

Within Yourself

61 x 61 cm

Ciel_Day of Knives.jpg


Day of Knives

25 x 20 cm

The Crystal Trees
61 x 61cm
Finalist Lethbridge 20000, 2023
Finalist Bayside Art Prize, 2023
Brighton, Victoria


Out of the Storm
101 x 101cm
Finalist Rotary Art Show 2023


Ciel_Trial By Fire_72.jpg

Trial By Fire
101 x 101

Free Bird
30 x 30cm
Finalist Lethbridge 20000
Finalist Small Works, 2023
Brunswick Gallery, Fitzroy, VIC

Cool and Clear
36 x 36cm

Homeward Bound
46 x 46cm
50 Square exhibition
Brunswick Gallery, Victoria

The Green Woman
120 x 120cm

Brisbane Portrait Prize, Salon des Refuses 2021

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